The  Beat:True Stories From the Streets
Literary and Art
Jaynee A.Levy-Polis: Artist
The Beat provides an opportunity to share the Art of talented people associated with enforcing the law.   Law Enforcement Officers  have wonderful stories of caring, love and insight. They are photographers and artists.  Their poetry can make you happy, or make you cry.  They  walk to a different beat.  They survive experiences other people couldn't imagine.  Often, they have strong intuitive natures.   Their history and creativity makes them a breed apart.  Here is a place where they can shine. I hope this newspaper will grow and be beautiful.
Jaynee Levy-Polis, Editor

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That's Harry by Harry Martin Polis
The Rusty Dusty Guy by Harry Martin Polis: A  Police Story
The Duel by Tom Gowdyk
Artimus Johnson by Harry Polis
Janes Marriage: by Kipling
The Janeities by Kipling
Suzie Bren by Harry Martin Polis
She's Just a Drummer in an All-Girl Band 
          by Harry Martin Polis
 Hot Stuff by Tom Gowdyk
 Not All Is A Masterpiece by Harry Martin Polis
The Lookback by Harry Martin Polis
Geometry by Harry Martin Polis
Page 5  Articles: 
Bet Your Butt by Harry Martin Polis
Crunching the Crime Numbers by Harry Martin Polis
Page 6  Articles: 
I Give This to the School District of Philadelphia
Lester of Oklahoma
Page 7 Articles: 
The Masked Avenger
Page 8 Articles: 
Living to Eat
The Workers Always Get It in the Neck
Page 9  Articles: 
We Are Not Our Jobs
The Reset Button
Page 10 Articles: 
Anti-Semitism In the Police Ranks
The Jewish Fireman's Story
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Page 12 Articles and Poetry:
Blah Blah The Snail
The Man in the Iron Mask
Where I Was
The Lone Ranger
When I Was a Young Man
Old South Philly Story
The Swimmies
Page 13 Articles:
Seventeeny: South Philly Story
What's In A Name?
Page 14 Articles:
Page 15 Dog Articles!
The Dog
Big Sammy
Page 16 More South Philly Stories
A Joey Bishop Story
Tony's Tale
Page 17 Articles:
Veteran's Day
10 This and Ten That
Slimeballs and Kooks by Jaynee Levy-Polis
Page 18 Articles:
Surviving the Little Glitches in Life 
         by Jaynee Levy-Polis
When I Go Home
Page 19 Articles:
It's a Hard World
The Poet Gwendolyn Brooks Passes On
Page 20 Articles:
A Snoopy Story: True-Life Police Story
Paperwork and Forms
Page 21 Articles:
Living With Lupus
Driving Me Crazy
Why A Private School?
Page 22 Articles: 
The Six Foot White Rabbit
Broken Hearted
Page 23 Articles:
Dear Officer by Deborah Carey
A Brother's Story
Page24 Articles:
To The Poorhouse
A Sea of Emptiness
Page 25 Articles:
The Nickel Ride
Tough Cookie
When Life Gives You A Potato...
Editor: Jaynee A. Levy-Polis

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